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Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong Is Asia's World City : Your Global Super-connector

Hong Kong is the number one business city in Asia and a leading global financial centre. It is the perfect springboard for corporate and entrepreneurs to do business in Mainland China and across the region or for Mainland China businesses to go international.

Strategically Located in Heart of Asia

  • All of Asia's key business cities within four hours' flight time.
  • Half the world's population is within five hours' flight time.
  • Best location to do business with Mainland China.

Rule of Law

  • Independent, corruption free judiciary with long history based on British legacy.
  • Legal documents in Chinese and English.
  • Very low crime rates, one of the safest cities in the world.

Pro-Business Environment

  • A dynamic yet stable cosmopolitan with strong growth prospects.
  • Pro business government, loan guarantee schemes.
  • Free of capital or foreign exchange controls.
  • Transparent, free flow of information.

Low, Simple, Predictable Tax Regime

  • Low Profits Tax and Income Tax.
  • Allowable expenses and deductions support business.
  • No capital gains, no dividends, no sales or value added, no inheritance taxes
  • Offshore profits free of tax (requires approval from HKIRD).

World Class Business Infrastructure & Services

  • Reliable, up-to-date, open telecom and IT connectivity.
  • Advanced and affordable transportation system.
  • Highly efficient airport, logistics centre.
  • Advanced and high quality medical professionals and services.
  • Prompt attitude in services.

An Exciting, Unique, Colorful City

  • Home to wide range of ethnic groups, religions, and cultures.
  • A shopping paradise, an international culinary capital, top notch hotels.
  • Wide range of outdoor and sports activities.
  • Fast paced city built among mountains, yet only minutes from amazing beaches, and where 70% of land is Country Park.

Skilled Staff

  • Hong Kong people have a winning mix of can-do professionalism, market savvy, and an understanding of Asian and international business culture.
  • Availability of wide range of nationalities and language skills.

East Meets West

  • Retained its own unique culture including 150 years as past British Colony.
  • "Home from Home" for expatriate professionals.